10 Steps to Create Transformative Learning Experiences

10 Steps for Transformative Learning Experiences

Transformative learning is increasingly becoming the leading andragogy (adult teaching and learning) strategy in the current technologically competitive eLearning environment. So, how can eLearning developers and instruction designers adopt this trend within their courses? Is this trend only for the seasoned eLearning professionals or is it adaptable by any trainer wishing to produce in-house eLearning training programs. Find out in this article!

Envisioning Future Education: 6 Exciting Predictions

Envisioning Future Education: 6 Exciting Predictions

“Meet George Jetson!” My childhood Saturday mornings were spent imagining what the world would be like many years from then. Cities in the sky, automated rituals, robots working for us-it was the stuff of wonder. Countless humans have tried to predict what the future will be like. Some predictions have come true.

To do better in school, kids should exercise their bodies as well as their brains

To do better in school, kids should exercise their bodies as well as their brains, experts say

Attention parents: If you’d like to see your kids do better in school, have them close their books, set down their pencils and go outside to play. That’s the latest advice from an international group of experts who studied the value of exercise in school-age kids.

Teachers Guide To Using Concept Maps In Education

Teachers Guide to Using Concept Maps in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

June 18, 2016 Here is an excellent short guide on concept mapping created by the folks over at Lucidchart (a popular concept mapping tool). The guide covers almost everything you need to know about concept maps including definitions, key features, theoretical foundations, how-to instructions, use cases and history.