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School Event Resources – Bark

Planning a community event at your school about online issues and need school event resources to help make that happen? We’ve got you covered! Bark has pulled together some great organizations that offer educator and student education programs, parent workshops and speakers for community-wide events – all with a focus on educating everyone on the issues that today’s children face at school and online.

How does screen time affect kids’ brains?

How does screen time affect kids’ brains? The first results of a landmark study are alarming.

​How are young children being affected by the time they spend watching and interacting with screens? That’s the big question behind a $300 million study, conducted by the National Institutes of Health at sites across the country, that’s using MRI scans to examine changes in brain structure among children who use smartphones and other screen devices.

9 Things Teachers Need if the United States Ever Wants Another Globally Competitive Generation

9 Things Teachers Need If the U.S. Ever Wants Another Globally Competitive Generation

I write a lot about teachers and teaching. This is motivated by two things: One, I’m passionate about education, and two, I’m worried about education. Lately I’ve been writing a lot more about the latter. Here’s what’s happening: Good teachers are leaving. States won’t fix the reasons why teachers are leaving.