My name is Paul Sisler. I hold a Bachelor’s of Information Networking and Telecommunications, with an emphasis in Web Developmepaulnewprofpicnt. I recently finished a Master’s of Instructional Technology Degree, in December 2015. I have entered the Educational Specialist program at Fort Hays State University as part of a partnership program with Lamar University towards a Doctorate of Education, in Educational Leadership. I hope to have all of this accomplished sometime near the Spring of 2019.

I’ve always been interested in computers and technology. I started teaching myself how to code webpages in 2000, and worked with it off and on since. Once I began to see the impact the introduction of technology into education was having, that piqued my interest and I have become completely enamored with technology in education. It’s my opinion that we are on the forefront of a new era, and I like being a part of it.


Professional Goals Personal Goals
To become an educator that is fluent in using technology in education.

To make significant impacts in education by teaching others how to use and implement technology resources in education.

To help change old ways of thinking and usher in a new era of education using technology by helping others understand the impact it has.

Becomne a Google Trainer.

Complete my Master’s of Instructional Technology degree.

Complete the Education Specialist degree.

Complete the Doctorate degree.

Become an adjunct educator and then a professor.