How to Get Smarter Every Single Day

How to Get Smarter Every Single Day – Personal Growth – Medium

The word “genius” is one of the most misused terms in history. While it’s often referenced accurately, the connotation that we commonly associate with it diverges away from the truth. We correctly label intellectual brilliance and creative power as genius - and we should - but it’s about time we stopped assuming that those things arise from talent or inborn giftedness alone.

The Key to Differentiated Learning – Develop Student Experts

The Key to Differentiated Learning – Develop Student Experts

When you enter Dr. Lou Lahana’s Tech Cafe at PS/MS 188, you aren’t entering a classroom with a teacher preparing students for the future. Instead, you enter a space where social activists are working hard doing the real work of m aking the world a better place today addressing causes about which they are passionate.

Deep Learning Through Transformative Pedagogies

Deep Learning Through Transformative Pedagogies

Education has far out-stretched its humble beginning that only involved reading, writing and understanding the subjects taught. With changing dynamics, students have evolved from information gatherers to learners looking for practical learning that extends beyond examinations and classrooms. Learning today, breaks the barriers of curriculum, seeping into the nuances of


How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Classroom in China

It’s not every day that we get to look into the future of learning. But with recent artificial intelligence development in China’s classrooms, we’re taking a sneak peek of what it will look like. China is already positioning itself as the powerhouse for artificial intelligence (AI) innovation in general, but the country’s use of the technology in the classroom is trail-blazing.

Why Schools Need to Teach Technology, Not Ban It

Guest post: Why Schools Need to Teach Technology, Not Ban It

I’m really excited to feature today’s guest post by Tanya Avrith, educational technology consultant and former teacher. As she describes below, she’s put in her classroom time and seen first-hand the way technology use has changed the way kids communicate and learn. As one of the brains behind the Lester B.


Textbooks in the digital world

Spread the loveKui Xie, The Ohio State University and Nicole Luthy, The Ohio State University For decades, textbooks were seen as the foundation for instruction in American schools. These discipline-specific tomes were a fundamental part of the educational infrastructure, assigned to students for each subject and carried in heavy backpacks every day – from home to school and back again.